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For those interested in leaving Jewel Osco feedback, the most convenient way is through the Jewel Osco survey, available online at Anyone who has recently visited Jewel Osco and would like to share details about the experience can take the survey.

Everything about the Jewel Osco survey has been highlighted here. These include survey requirements, questions, and the rewards. The guide describes completion steps and provides useful links that you may need.

Jewel Osco Survey Participation Requirements

To participate in the Jewel Osco customer satisfaction Survey, you need to meet the following requirements;

  • You should be a resident of the United States, UK or Canada
  • You should be eighteen years and above
  • You should not be a worker at the store or affiliate of the board of director or workers in any way
  • Your receipt should be valid; should not be older than seven days
  • You can enter the survey only once
  • Should enter the survey within the timeframe given
  • You can only get one prize in the entire period.

Jewel Osco Survey Prizes and Benefits

The company has realized that rewarding participants encourages them to participate in the surveys. At Jewel Osco Surveys, you are entitled to rewards. By just giving your feedback, you can be rewarded. The lucky participant is entitled to $ 100 gift card from Osco. Nevertheless, it is impossible to exchange the card for the money. It can only be used in the next visit to the Jewel Osco stores.

Jewel Osco Survey Completion Steps

Here is step by step procedure of completing the survey successfully.

  1. On the Jewel Osco website, visit the customer satisfaction portal at
  2. Fill in your logins on the Jewel Osco on the survey portal.
  3. Input your email address and ensure that it is active.
  4. Put the date and time you visited the store
  5. Fill in your correct personal contact information. By giving the right contact information, it will be easy to inform you in case you win the prize.
  6. Complete the survey questionnaire. The questions will be related to the service, staff behavior, prices, cleanliness of the store and many others.
  7. On the blank spaces provided add some comments on suggestions or critics in general
  8. Submit the survey after rechecking to ensure that you’ve answered all the questions and the information provided is correct.

Jewel Osco Survey Useful Information

Jewel Osco Survey is essential as it helps in making improvements. The online survey helps in getting customer feedback. In addition, it is an important tool for sharing customer shopping experiences. This will help in improving the service offered by the Jewel Osco store and meet its client’s needs.

If you need to speak with a Jewel Osco customer service representative, you can call +1 630 948 6000 6215.

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