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Jason’s Deli, a sandwich shop with 275 delis in 28 states, prides itself on its high-quality food and dedication to customer satisfaction. The delis have an extensive menu of hot and cold sandwiches as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options. This article will allow the reader to use the Jason’s Deli survey to let the company know how they enjoyed their meal and their overall experience.

Here you will find information about Jason’s Deli survey requirements and prizes, as well as Jason’s Deli customer service contact information and options.

Jason’s Deli Survey – Participation Requirements

Since there are no rewards available, there are no restrictions on filling out a survey form. Options are available for those who have a receipt from the deli and those who do not.

Jason’s Deli Survey Prizes & Benefits

Jason’s Deli does not currently offer any sweepstakes or rewards programs for completing its customer service surveys.

Jason’s Deli Survey Completion Steps

  1. Visit the Jason’s Deli survey site, www.jasonsdelifeedback.comJason's Deli Survey Button
  2. Enter the codes from your receipt. If you do not have a receipt, enter the state and location of the store you visited.Jason's Deli Survey Recepit
  3. If you have not used a receipt to start the survey, enter the date you visited the store. Indicate whether you dined in, ordered carry out, or ordered delivery.Jason's Deli Survey Location
  4. Indicate whether you placed your order online.
  5. Check the time of day you visited the store. Indicate how many times you have visited Jason’s Deli in the past, or whether this was your first visit to the chain.
  6. Check how you first heard about Jason’s Deli. Options include web search, social media, from a friend or family member, and on TV.
  7. Indicate which menu you ordered from: catering or deli.
  8. Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience, from 5 – Very Satisfied to 1 – Very Dissatisfied.
  9. Using the same scale, rate the friendliness of employees, their knowledge of the menu, the quality of the food, and the speed of service you received.
  10. Indicate how satisfied you were with the cleanliness of the store and deli.
  11. Rate whether your order was accurate and complete. Check off whether your food was ready when it was promised. Rate the cleanliness of the floor in the store. Finally, indicate whether the staff smiled and made eye contact with you.
  12. Rate how likely you are to return to Jason’s Deli.
  13. Add any additional thoughts you may have. (optional)
  14. Indicate whether you would like to sign up for the Birthday Club, which would gain you a $5 coupon on your birthday.
  15. Decide whether you would like to answer a few more questions.
  16. If yes, select the reason you chose Jason’s Deli for your meal.
  17. Indicate where you were before arriving at the deli.
  18. Rate the atmosphere and the ease of order placement.

Jason’s Deli Survey Useful Information

Call InMoment at (800) 467-0047 if you have any issues with completing the survey. Email support is also available at .

Contact Jason’s Deli directly:

Phone Number: 409-838-1976


Jason’s Deli is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Be sure to contact the company directly if you have any issues that need to be addressed. Comment on your experience and share it with other potential customers.

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