Here at Survey Assistants, we have a small but dedicated team of passionate writers with one goal in mind: that of helping our readers complete the multitude of customer experience questionnaires, feedback and opinion surveys, as well as offer them information about brands, companies and small businesses striving to meet your expectations.

In today’s business environment, customers are those who dictate the direction of any business. So it’s only natural that brands, businesses and entrepreneurs seek out the valuable feedback of their customers.

Your voice is important to retailers, big brands and small businesses alike, and your feedback, comments and recommendations help them provide you with a better service. Yet how can you be sure that such feedback reaches the right people?

SurveyAssistants.com is your foremost resource for completing these surveys, which may sometimes prove tricky, especially for the less tech-savvy. More importantly, we also offer you valuable information about gift cards, vouchers and discounts, as well as the numerous prizes offered at the completion of certain surveys.

Our Mission

The life of the coupon-clipping, deal-seeking culls-de-sack mom may seem distant, but it’s something we all have to deal with. Our editors and contributors are set on offering you high-quality, original articles that provide value and usefulness. Most of our pieces are step-by-step guides to completing the surveys and questionnaires, but we also provide information on online services, brands, businesses and more.

We strive to become the number one provider of customer survey and questionnaire information and details. Our contributors gather valuable information and collect the most recent and valuable customer satisfaction surveys for you to review. Aside from the step-by-step walkthrough we provide, we also provide our readers extensive background information and analysis.

We offer

  • In-depth customer satisfaction survey walkthroughs
  • Simple explanations for technical details
  • Tips and tricks regarding vouchers, coupons and discount offers
  • Customer survey updates
  • Business background information
  • A place to interact with customers with similar experiences

Important Notice

Please note that SurveyAssistants.com is not affiliated with or connected to any of the businesses, brands, retailers or merchants mentioned herein.

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