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If you enjoy eating at P.F. Chang’s, you might be interested in the PF Changs feedback survey, which can be accessed at With the help of our PF Changs Feedback Survey Completion Guide, you’ll finish the PF Changs survey with time to spare!

After completing the survey, the company will reward you with a coupon that you can redeem next time you visit one of its restaurants. With this coupon you will get a free meal at your favorite restaurant. All you need to do is complete the PF Changs feedback survey, and thus help the company improve their services, products and staff while giving you a most pleasant experience.

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PF Changs Feedback Survey Completion Guide: Participation Prerequisites

There are not many requirements to fulfill for the PF Changs feedback survey. Our PF Changs Feedback Survey Completion Guide will detail not only the requirements, but also offer you information about actually completing the survey.  Firstly, you will have to purchase a meal at one of PF Changs restaurants, and thus receive a receipt. The receipt is crucial for the completion of the PF Changs feedback survey, as you will need the survey code written on it. Secondly, you will need a PC or laptop with a working, stable Internet connection, as to avoid any possible errors.

PF Changs Feedback Survey Step-by-Step Walkthrough

This section of our PF Changs Feedback Survey Completion Guide will offer screenshots of the PF Changs survey and tips on completing it.

Head on over to (not You can do so by typing the URL in the bar of your favorite browser, be it Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. It is important to write the complete URL, because forms such as “www.pfchangs”, “pf”, “”, “ changs”, “www.pfchang” or “” will not take you to the desired website. Next you have to follow these steps:

1. Enter the 15 digit code found at the middle of the receipt you received from P.F. Chang’s, and click Start.

PF Changs Feedback Survey Completion Guide
The PF Changs Feedback survey requires the code written on your receipt.

2. Answer the PF Changs feedback survey questions thoroughly and honestly, and click next after each one.

You have to answer several questions for the PF Changs Feedback survey.

3. Click Submit to complete the PF Changs feedback survey.

The PF Changs Feedback survey includes multiple questions.

4. Note down the code you received on your receipt and show it to your server next time you visit PF Chang.

If you complete the PF Changs Feedback survey, you will receive a coupon code.

PF Changs Feedback Survey Prizes and Rewards

The prize offered by PF Chang is a coupon code you can redeem during your next visit at PF Chang’s in exchange for a meal. However, you have to complete the survey within 14 days after you received your receipt, because the coupons expire after two weeks. You can take the survey once every month.

Tips and Recommendations when Completing the PF Changs Feedback Survey

Our PF Changs Feedback Survey Completion Guide also provides clever tips on getting through the survey.

You should take about ten minutes to complete the PF Changs feedback survey, since it includes one open question. However, keep in mind that the webpage is not optimized for tablets and smartphones, so if you are using another device you will need more time. The PF Changs survey automatically resets after thirty minutes of inactivity, so try to complete it in one go.

Pay close attention when searching for the PF Changs feedback survey online, and do not mistake it for a climate change survey, a change readiness survey or a change management survey. The PF Chang feedback survey is related to the services of the chain of restaurants, not to climate change survey questions or change management survey questions.

PF Changs Feedback Useful Information

This last section of our PF Changs Feedback Survey Completion Guide will feature information and contact details which may prove useful.

P.F. Chang’s is a restaurant chain of casual dining type in the United States, which provides all sorts of Asian food with a modern twist. The company is run by Centerbridge Partners. Its headquarters are situated in Scottsdale, Arizona. P.F. Chang’s was founded in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang, and has since expanded all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Philippines, the Middle East, Turkey and Lebanon with more than 200 restaurants. Some of the best locations are in Toronto, Dallas, San Diego, Miami and Dedham, but also on the wonderful Jumeirah Beach in Dubai.

Cecilia Chiang, the mother of Philip Chiang, was the one who brought the original Mandarin cuisine to the United States and had a very successful restaurant named The Mandarin. The restaurant gained much of its popularity thanks to a columnist of San Francisco Chronicle who dined there and promoted The Mandarin. Thus, the restaurant of Cecilia Chiang expanded all over California. However, Cecilia decided to return to China, and her son, Philip, took over the business. One day, Paul Flaming visited The Mandarin and thus their partnership started.

Paul Fleming was running another restaurant chain named Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse when he met Philip Chiang. The two noticed the lack of Chinese restaurants with authentic food and decided to open one in a city mall. They were met with complete success. Later on, Chiang returned to his artistic passion (he majored in history), while Fleming went even further and opened four more restaurants. However, none were as successful as P.F. Chiang’s. The restaurant chain is also famous for organizing the Rock & Roll Arizona Half Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona.

But why did the restaurant record such success on a long term? It seems the secret stands in the combination of authentic Chinese cuisine with small changes to be American friendly, as well as the American menus and serving style which were introduced by Fleming. The restaurant considers nutrition a very important aspect, and thus provides types of food with low calories. The menu of P.F. Chang’s also includes gluten free meals and various beverages, such as Asian beers, wine, sake, cappuccino, specialty drinks and espresso. One of its most famous recipes is the Chicken Lettuce Wrap Recipe, which you can find here.

The restaurant also has happy hour special meals.

If you wish to contact the company, you can do so here, or by calling at 1-866-PFCHANG (1-866-732-4264) for Guest Services, 844-PF-PREFE(R) for PF Chang’s Preferred or 1-480-888-3000 for the corporate office.

You can find all PF Changs locations by using the PF Chang locator here: If you are interested in the menu and the prices, take a look at this link:

PF Changs survey webpage:

PF Changs privacy policy:

PF Changs official website:

PF Changs FAQ:

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