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This KFC survey guide will help you with every necessary step to successfully completing the KFC customer satisfaction guide. The KFC customer survey is intended for people who have previously eaten at KFC and its purpose is to measure public opinion about the products and services of KFC.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is one of the most successful and well-known fast food restaurant chains in the world, with over 20,000 shops in more than 120 countries. Their signature products are different types of fried chicken. KFC’s founder, “Colonel” Harland Sanders, has become an American cultural icon and is still used in the restaurant’s marketing image today.

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As for so many other fast food chains, the KFC customer satisfaction survey aims to determine public opinion trends, with the purpose of constantly improving products and services so as to match customer demand.

In an era of constantly growing public awareness regarding the quality of food products, these surveys are more important than ever – not just for restaurant chains, who aim to expand and secure their customer base, but also for the customers themselves, who now have a chance to influence what companies offer.

KFC Survey
KFC Homepage

KFC Survey – Participation Requirements

The successful completion of the KFC customer survey is subject to the following conditions:

  • Be willing to provide relevant feedback. It would be needless to say that, in order to provide feedback on goods or services, you should have experimented them at least once before. As such, do not take the survey unless you have been a KFC customer at an earlier date. Any irrelevant questionnaires will simply reduce the overall relevance of the survey and will make it harder for customer service staff and other specialists to adequately respond to customer demands.
  • Keep the KFC receipt to take the survey. To ensure survey relevance, a unique code from your last receipt will be requested on the online survey page before you can begin. So, next time you eat at KFC, remember to keep your receipt.
  • Have a decent internet connection. The online KFC survey will require navigating a number of internet pages, containing answer forms and pictures. In order for the pages to properly load, make sure you have a good internet connection first. You can do this by checking the internet icon next to your task bar clock, in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Update your software. The best way to ensure you have a good user experience while taking the KFC survey it to update relevant software on your device, particularly the internet browser you plan on using. Updated browsers are able to load the latest web pages and also facilitate automatic content optimization to suit your device’s settings. Updating your browser is very easy. Simply search for the “update” button in your browser’s menu and install the updates. It would be even better to just set your browser to install updates automatically.
  • Allow cookies. Cookies are very important for the optimization process that websites undergo in order to be compatible with various devices. They facilitate communication between the website and your device so that all pages can be displayed properly. People sometimes disable cookies on their device because they are also associated with unwanted promotional activity. While this is sometimes true, enabling cookies is a must for legitimate sites. Check out how to enable cookies on different browsers here.

If all the above conditions have been met, you are ready to begin the KFC survey.

KFC Survey Benefits

The KFC survey will not only benefit the organizer by providing insights into customer opinion. Participation also has advantages for the customers themselves. Long-term advantages are the improvement of product quality and customer service, and short-term advantages are coupons for free KFC products.

  • Coupons for a free KFC Go Cup. Successfully completing the survey will earn you a free KFC Go Cup (chicken and fries) during your next KFC visit. To get the coupon, you should present a survey validation code next time you go to KFC.
KFC Prize
Your KFC Survey Participation Prize
  • Improve customer service. Your KFC survey will help customer support staff and management to formulate new approaches and policies regarding how KFC interacts with its customers. You will be able to evaluate staff and make suggestions on restaurant management and organization.
  • Improve product quality. Food quality became a major topic when growing awareness regarding precarious food production conditions forced food suppliers and fast food chains to observe stricter food safety norms. As such, client feedback regarding food quality is taken very seriously and all complaints will be investigated. However, your feedback in this section should not make reference to your particular tastes in food, but to the objective quality of the purchased product. In other words, you may not like crispy wings, but if they respect the food standards in force then it doesn’t mean that the product is “bad”.

KFC Survey Completion Steps

Completing the KFC survey is very easy. For ease of reference, we’ve highlighted the main steps for you:

  • Step 1. Eat at KFC. In order to be able to provide customer service and product quality feedback, you should first be able to speak from experience. So, grab your family and friends and head out to KFC for a nice crispy lunch.
  • Step 2. Keep your receipt. You will need it to access the survey page.
  • Step 3. Go here and enter your survey code. You will then be redirected to the survey page. If you are from the UK, go to survey page. See below where you can find the survey code:
KFC Survey Start Page
KFC Survey Start Page
  • Step 4. Answer the questions truthfully and make sure that your survey is relevant.
  • Step 5. Write down your survey completion code. This will allow you to claim the prize coupon.
  • Step 6. Use the prize coupon to enjoy a free KFC Go Cup.

Why take the KFC survey?

Participating in the KFC survey can be a fun way of contributing to improved customer service, while also benefiting from a free meal. Increased participation also means that the restaurant will be compelled to heed customer suggestions.

KFC Survey

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