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Burlington Survey Completion Guide

The Burlington Survey for customer satisfaction was created for Burlington customers who would like to share their experience with Burlington products and give feedback both on the quality of the products and on the skill and helpfulness of the customer service personnel.

It is important to note that customer feedback is absolutely vital if a goods or services provider is to improve the quality of what it offers. This walkthrough will provide guidance for all the required steps of completing the Burlington survey and will also underline a few tips in order to help you provide your feedback in an optimal matter.

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Burlington Survey Completion Guide: Purpose and Prerequisites

Before participating in this survey, you should be able to provide some feedback based on your actual experience with Burlington products and customer service. There is nothing more damaging than a survey completed just for the fun of it, as it can confuse the people who are actually trying to improve your customer experience. As such, make sure to provide realistic and objective feedback.

Your ideas, suggestions and tips will be given due consideration by the Burlington staff responsible for customer satisfaction. If a real issue is acknowledged to exist, Burlington will do its best to evaluate and mitigate the situation.

Do not expect all feedback to produce an immediate effect. The purpose of the Burlington survey is to help the retailer improve the overall quality of their services and perfectly meeting every customer’s demands is an impossibility, not just for Burlington but for any player on the market.

Some of your suggestions might be aimed at introducing a different brand at Burlington, or at reducing prices for a range of products. While this would seem common sense, you should remember that such decisions are made after carefully considering costs and benefits, not just for the retailer but also for you.

For instance, the decision to introduce a brand could entail higher overall costs if the demand is not consistent enough. In order to maintain profitability and competitiveness on the market, prices for other products might consequently go up, thus reducing overall customer satisfaction.

Regardless of this, all feedback is important and is given due consideration. In addition, possible customer service issues pointed out by the survey will be investigated as soon as possible and Burlington staff will do their very best to ensure that your experience is satisfactory.

Burlington Survey Completion Guide: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

If you are a Burlington customer and you are willing to provide feedback on your experience, this is what you have to do.

The first thing would be to access the survey page, which can be found here. Once the page opens, you must provide the 18-digit survey code, which can be found on your Burlington receipt. This code is requested in order to reduce the number of fake or spam surveys as much as possible and it will not compromise the security of your personal information in any way.

Burlington Survey start page

Without this security measure, just imagine how much a competitor would enjoy confusing its market rival by messing up its customer satisfaction surveys. Though you might not believe this can happen, it’s actually a common occurrence.

Once in, you will have to provide answers to a number of questions which will later help Burlington improve the quality of its services.

  • Client-focused questions. The first few questions of the Burlington survey will be related to you, and you will have to provide a minimum of personal information such as age and gender. This is very important for Burlington, as it allows their staff to understand particular needs and requests coming from different age and gender groups, while also locating issues more specifically.
  • Service provider-focused questions. The following questions will address your experience at Burlington. Among others, you will be asked to give a general impression, to underline issues and to point out some changes you would make. You might also be asked which brands you prefer so that Burlington can get a “feel” of the market and know in which direction to go next.

When you’re ready, simply click the submit button and you’re done.

Burlington Survey Completion Guide: Privacy Policy

Burlington takes the protection of private information very seriously and acts in accordance with US legislation in force on the matter.

Participation in the online Burlington survey is confidential and privacy will be respected. However, in order to make the survey efficient and better able to improve your customer experience, a set of personal information might me collected, such as:

  • Name and e-mail address
  • Transactional information
  • IP address and domain
  • Internet browser
  • Operating system

This data is collected for research purposes via data collection tools, such as cookies, and is a standard practice for such surveys.

Burlington will not disclose any of your personal information in any situation other than those provided by law.

Burlington Survey Completion Guide: Why Participate

Participating in the survey is completely optional and must not be considered an obligation. All information provided, if relevant, will be used for the improvement of customer experience and for the overall development of Burlington.

Companies set up surveys not just to improve their outlooks and development strategies, but also out of genuine interest in customer satisfaction. Without your feedback, it would be extremely difficult for companies to get a sense of what people actually want and your overall experience would be much worse.

We thus encourage you to participate in the survey and we wish you happy shopping.

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