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(Updated May 2018) This guide provides instructions for the Boot Barn survey, MyBootBarnVisit, at We will explain the survey requirements, Boot Barn survey rewards and the steps you need to take to complete the survey. At the end of the article, you can find Boot Barn customer service contact information.

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If you are familiar with the older Boot Barn survey, you should note that the Boot Barn survey website address has changed. The survey is no longer available at Boot Barn customers can now access the questionnaire at

MyBootBarnVisit Survey – Participation Requirements at

To take the Boot Barn survey, you must provide the survey invitation code and time of purchase in the website. This information should be available on your Boot Barn receipt. Note that not all Boot Barn receipts come with a MyBootBarnVisit survey invitation.

MyBootBarnVisit Survey Prizes & Benefits

When you take the MyBootBarnVisit survey, they thank you for your time with a Boot Barn coupon code. You can write this coupon code down on the receipt you used to take the MyBootBarnVisit survey, and this receipt with a code can then be redeemed for $5 off your next purchase of $25 or more at Boot Barn. This Boot Barn coupon can only be used in stores, and it may not be used to buy gift cards. You will also get the opportunity to sign up for a rewards program that makes you eligible for future Boot Barn discounts and deals.

MyBootBarnVisit Survey Completion Steps

  1. Open the Boot Barn survey website. You can find the survey at The survey is no longer available at
  2. Enter the MyBootBarnVisit survey invitation code printed on your receipt.
  3. Write the time you made your purchase. The “Time” boxes have an AM/PM format.
  4. Click the “Start” button and then the “Begin Survey” button.
  5. Rate your satisfaction with a variety of features of your Boot Barn visit, including product price, staff friendliness, and checkout speed.
  6. Say how like you are to visit the store or recommend it to others.
  7. Enter any other comments in the blank text box.
  8. Provide demographic information about yourself.
  9. Submit the survey. Close the web page once you have written the Boot Barn coupon code on your receipt.

MyBootBarnVisit Survey Useful Information

There are a few different ways to get more help or share feedback about the Boot Barn survey. You can message them through Facebook and Twitter, contact Boot Barn, or contact the Marketforce survey company.

If you are unhappy with Boot Barn products, you can take a look at the Boot Barn return policy, available on their website, to see the Boot Barn returns options.

Marketforce Survey Contact Form:
Boot Barn Email Address:
Phone Number: (888) 440-2668
Address: Boot Barn
Attn: Customer Service
PO Box 12445
Wichita, KS 67277-2445

Do you have any experience with the Boot Barn customer satisfaction survey? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. On Feb 28 2018 I went to boot barn in Modesto Cali, I bought a pair of boots for my boyfriend and I had bad service no one offer to help me, I had to go find someone and she was not attentive or friendly, I also didn’t like that I had to take the boots on display that everyone tries on, I asked the girl if they had boots in the back and she said no so she took them to the register while I went to use the bathroom, when I went to pay for them the girl at the register was pretty nice and friendly but I ask her if they had a box for the boots and she said no how is it that the store don’t have the boxes for the boots specially an expensive pair of boots and specially when the boots were a gift, I was very disappointed and I will not buy my next pair of boots at that store.

  2. …Hi… My name is Pascual…and I came today…with he goal of purchasing a pair of working boots… I like to thank Alexis for taking by the hand, and granting me the chance of getting what I needed… Obviously…all the articles inside your guyses store are fantastic…! And I wanted rhem all…! Nevertheless…I will come back… I appreciate very much Alexis service… Thank you!

    1. We’re happy to hear you had such a positive experience at Boot Barn! If you would like to fill out their customer satisfaction survey, go to the website linked in our article and use the codes you received to access the questionnaire.

  3. Visited boot barn In Albuquerque NM today to order items on line was helped by Shalee whom was Very helpful assisting me with my order from the beginning to the end

    1. Make sure to mention her when you take the survey! Outstanding employees deserve to be recognized!

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