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(Updated May 2018) Our survey guide will help you to fill out the McAlister’s customer satisfaction survey in less than five minutes. Completing this survey lets you share feedback with McAlister’s Deli, and it also gives you access to some special deals. Our article will tell you about these prizes and even provide you with contact information for the company. Keep reading this article to get step by step instructions to the McAlister’s survey at www.talktomcalisters.com.

McAlister’s Survey – Participation Requirements at www.talktomcalisters.com

Almost anyone can take the McAlister’s Deli survey because there are no age or residency limits. If you want to take the survey, you just need to meet these requirements:

  • Participants must have a McAlsiter’s receipt from a recent trip to the store that contains a McAlister’s survey invitation code.
  • The McAlister’s survey is available only online, at www.talktomcalisters.com. Survey participants will need internet access.
  • Participants must be willing to agree to the McAlister’s survey privacy policy.

McAlister’s Survey Prizes & Benefits

McAlister’s thanks survey takers for their time by providing all participants with a validation code. This validation code can be written on your McAlister’s receipt and used as a coupon at your next McAlister’s visit. The value of your McAlister’s coupon is generally mentioned on the receipt, near the survey invitation area. The McAlister’s coupon can usually be redeemed for a discount on your next purchase at the McAlister’s Deli.

McAlister’s Survey Completion Steps

  1. Go to www.talktomcalisters.com, the official McAlisters survey page. You can find the address of the survey website on your McAlister receipt as well.
  2. Pick the language you would like to take the McAlister’s Deli survey in and click the green “Next” button.mcalisters deli survey language at www.talktomcalisters.com
  3. Type your McAlister’s survey invitation code into the blank field and click “Next” again.
    mcalisters deli survey code at www.talktomcalisters.com
  4. Answer the questions regarding your McAlister’s shopping experience. Click the next button after you complete each page of questions.
  5. Rank your level of satisfaction with various aspets of your McAlister’s visit, such as McAlister’s customer service, products and so on.
  6. Submit the survey by clicking the next button one last time.
  7. Copy the McAlister’s coupon code onto your receipt before closing the www.talktomcalisters.com web page.
  8. Sign up for the McAlister’s rewards program by providing your email information if desired.

McAlister’s Deli¬†Useful Information

You can use these methods to get in touch with McAlister’s if you have any other questions about the McAlister’s customer satisfaction survey or about the website, www.talktomcalisters.com
McAlister’s Contact Form: www.mcalistersdeli.com/talk-to-us
McAlister’s Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-330-4313
McAlister’s Headquarters Address: McAlister’s Guest Relations Department
5620 Glenridge Drive, NE
Atlanta, GA 30342

Let McAlister’s know what you think about their survey by commenting on the McAlister’s Facebook profile or Twitter page. Feel free to comment below if you want to share more feedback about your survey experience!

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  1. I’ve gone into the McAlister on 82nd Street in Lubbock, TX. on many occasions and each time the service gets slower and worse especially from a particular tall, young, alternative young man with a pony tail.

    This time he wasn’t as rice to me as he was yo the lady that called in an order and still waited in the business for over 25 minutes. I would have contacted management and complained but she stayed nice. Other employees witnesses his tone and rudeness. Should have fired him. She even said each time she comes in he’s the same problem.

    I’m probably going to stop coming in because of him and the staff not doing anything about him.

    1. Have you taken the survey? You will most likely get a chance to mention the manager, and let them know what a wonderful employee they have!

  2. I don’t think yelling at customers to go form a line against the green wall is polite or creating a good environment

    1. You can contact the managers of that specific location to inform them about this experience. Use the store locator to get their contact information.

  3. not enough meat in the sandwich not happy about the place anymore they are getting cheap on the amount of meat they put in the sandwich.

  4. not happy with the amount of meat they put in the sandwich anymore they are getting very cheap on the order.

    1. Have you tried getting in touch with a customer service representative to address this? You can also mention it in the survey!

  5. I can never find the survey to fill out to get my code for $2.00 off….been online 15 minutes now looking for the form….really a pain….

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