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Perkins Experience Survey Guide

The Perkins Experience survey is the #1 tool for sharing your Perkins experience with the management of If you are a big fan of this restaurant and bakery, you can easily use the Perkins Experience survey to get a nice coupon, enter a great sweepstakes, and enjoy a fantastic Perkins experience the next time you pay them a visit.

To help you understand the process from beginning to end, here is our Perkins Experience Survey Guide!

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Perkins Experience Survey Rewards

It’s natural for us to start with the delightful Perkins Experience survey rewards that you can enjoy. We all love discounts at our favorite restaurants, so you will surely like the fact that you get a coupon when filling out the Perkins Experience survey. If you meet their requirements and successfully complete it, you will get 10% off your next order when dining at Perkins.

To enjoy this discount, make sure that you have the validation code and your receipt when you want to use it. Aside from this coupon, Perkins Experience survey participants have the opportunity to enter the Perkins Survey Sweepstakes. If you are selected as a winner, you will receive the $500 prize. We also wanted to point out that the Perkins Experience survey is advantageous from this point of view; not very many restaurants offer both discounts and sweepstakes entries for participants.

Of course, you also have additional benefits with the Perkins Experience survey. Particularly if you are a regular customer, you will definitely have a solid opinion about the services and menu items they offer. If you tend to dine there frequently, you will also be interested in having an amazing customer experience every time. This is the exact point of the Perkins Experience survey – to gather candid feedback from loyal customers like you so they can improve their services. This way, you can have an even better time the next time you go there.

Perkins Experience Survey Requirements

As with any other survey, the Perkins Experience survey also has some requirements that serve as eligibility guidelines for participants. First and foremost, you have to possess a receipt to prove that you were a real Perkins customer.

Your receipt will contain several pieces of information that are mandatory for filling out the Perkins Experience survey, starting with your survey code. In the case that you don’t have a Perkins Experience survey code on your receipt, you will still have to let them know about the check number, store number or the day you purchased their products. As you can see, you will need a receipt in either one of these cases.

On another note, there are some additional requirements that should be noted prior to participation. Even though you can take the Perkins Experience survey any time throughout 2016, it is only available for participating restaurants. Furthermore, you won’t be able to fill out a Perkins Experience survey more than once a month. Obviously, if you work at Perkins, you won’t be eligible for their questionnaire. If you are one of their employees, it’s natural that you would be influenced when expressing your opinion about their services and products.

Perkins Experience Survey: Completion Walkthrough and Tips

Perkins Experience Survey screenshot

If you are interested in the survey rewards and you meet all the requirements for being a valid participant, you can start preparing for the questionnaire. Besides having your receipt close by, you need to get a computer, tablet or smart phone so you can access the Perkins Experience survey site. Your device will need to have a stable internet connection so you don’t get kicked off the Perkins Experience survey page halfway through. If you are all set to go, follow the steps we have detailed here:

  • Go to the official Perkins Experience survey website at Check with the image above so you know that you are on the corresponding website.
  • The first step of the survey is to enter your Survey code. The full code should contain 15 digits and should be printed visibly on your receipt. Enter all the digits in the empty boxes on the Perkins Experience survey page. If you can’t find your survey code, you can look at the sample image provided by Perkins on this page. Generally speaking, it should be in the bottom half of your check.
  • Customers who do not have a survey code at all can click the designated link on the Perkins Experience survey site. If this is your situation, please provide the following pieces of information to confirm your eligibility:
    • Store number
    • Check number
    • Date of purchase
    • Time of purchase
  • After you have your Perkins Experience survey code entered or the other relevant details required for confirmation, click the green Start
  • Reply to all questions regarding services, menu items, sales associates and other aspects of your Perkins customer experience. They won’t take more than a few minutes, even if you take your time answering them with care. Depending on the question, comment or rate the service or situation.
  • At the end of the Perkins survey, you can enjoy your coupon validation code and your sweepstakes entry. Jot down the validation code and store your receipt in a safe place. You should also provide valid personal contact information so Perkins can get in touch with you if you win their Perkins survey sweepstakes.

All the information you need about Perkins can be found on If you have any inquiries, whether personal or business-related, you can call their customer service department at 1 877 325 7881. If you prefer written communication, use the online contact form that can be found on their website. Aside from your comments, you will also need to provide your:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP code
  • Phone number
  • Email address

If you ever need their mailing address for correspondence, you can use this one for their corporate headquarters:

6075 Poplar Avenue

Suite 800

Memphis, Tennessee 38119

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  1. the clerk kept our receipt at Perkins, Hazleton,Pa on rt 93. I usually don,t complaine, however, our breakfast was one of the worst We had in some time. The bill was
    $24.13 and got ther around 1-1:30 waiter young man. I ordered make your own breakfast
    and wife had waffle lemon, blue berry pie, plus 2 iced coffees. My order was to be with ham, got crisped bacon. told him. my eggs were to be sunny up, but very bad with hard yellow center. Hash browns must have been fried in old oil, because taste was awful.
    My wife,s was just ok, but the iced coffee was like expresso and dark, very strong.
    The clerk came back with my ham but cold and seemed to be hanging around from
    other customers. WE ate at perkins before but never had any complaint. I don,t like to pay for poor food. Don,t deserve it. Waited about 45 minutes to be served.
    We understand when busy, but not poor quality.

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