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If you would like to leave Smashburger feedback regarding a recent Smashburger dining experience. you can do so! Take the Smashburger Survey at and you will be able to rate your satisfaction with the Smashburger menu, staff, and restaurant.

In addition, you will receive a reward for completing the Smashburger survey. This guide will present the survey requirements, and what to expect from the survey questions. We will also offer details about the Smashburger survey reward.

Smashburger Survey Completion Guide

Smashburger Survey Completion Guide: Participation Requirements

To enter the Smashburger survey all you need is your recent Smashburger receipt. To access the questionnaire you will have to write the ticket number, store number and total amount spent. All this information is contained on your receipt.

You will also need this receipt for the Smashburger Survey prize. We’ll talk about that more in the following section, however.

Smashburger survey participants must be of legal age in their state of residence at the time of the survey. The survey is open only to Smashburger customers who are legal residents of the US.

Smashburger Survey Prizes & Benefits 

If you decide to complete the Smashburger survey, you will receive a token of appreciation from Smashburger. The survey reward consists of a Smashburger coupon. You will receive this Smashburger coupon automatically after answering the survey questions.

The Smashburger coupon will appear as a validation code. It will either show up on screen after completing the survey, or you will receive via email. To benefit from the Smashburger coupon, you need to write the code on the receipt you used to access the survey. You’ll notice there is a blank space near in survey invitation are.

Once you have written down your Smashburger coupon code, you will have to bring the receipt with you when you visit a Smashburger restaurant. Before making your order, tell the cashier you have a Smashburger coupon and would like to use it.

The value of your Smashburger coupon is printed on the receipt.

Smashburger Survey Completion Steps

If you have your receipt ready, you can now take the Smashburger survey. Be sure the information you need is printed clearly and visibly. If you mistype the survey access information, you might not be able to access the survey.

All the information you need for the Smashburger Survey is written on your receipt.

  1. To begin, go to the Smashburger survey website. The address You can check your receipt to confirm, as the survey can move to another address.
  2. Once there, you will first have to type the store number of the Smashburger location you visited. The store number is located at the top of your receipt.
  3. Input the date of your visit. To do this, click the small calendar icon on the right. You can then select the dat from the menu.
  4. Write the time of your visit as it appears on your Smashburger receipt.
  5. Write the total purchase amount. Write it as it appears on the receipt, including cents.
  6. Answer the Smashburger survey questions. You will have to rate your satisfaction with the Smashburger menu items you purchased, if the Smashburger staff was friendly and helpful and if you enjoy the Smashburger menu in general.
  7. After answering all the survey questions, wait a couple of moment before closing the website. The Smashburger coupon code should appear after submitting your answers
  8. Write the Smashburger coupon code on your receipt before closing the website.

Smashburger Survey Useful Information

You can place your order or find all the Smashburger locations using the Smashburger store locator available at www.smashburger.comSmashburger hours of operation depend on the location, but the ones in the United States and open from 10:00 a.m. To 10:00 p.m. every day of the week.

You can contact Smashburger by calling 303-633-1500 or via snail mail at 3900 East Mexico Avenue, Suite 1200, Denver, CO 80210.

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