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Lady Foot Locker Survey Completion Guide

Lady Foot Locker is a major US retailer. It offers some of the very best sports and leisure footwear for women, alongside apparel and other sports accessories. It owes its popularity to the top quality products it supplies.  In addition, a history of excellent customer service has also helped the company grow. The Lady Foot Locker survey intends to further improve customer service and experience.

The retailer is keen on improving the quality of its goods and services as much as possible and takes constant steps in this direction. Its main tools are discounts, vouchers, competitions and customer satisfaction surveys. In this context, the Lady Foot Locker survey is an integral part of maintaining very high customer service standards.

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Getting customers to offer online feedback can be surprisingly hard. That is why the Lady Foot Locker survey is now a mutually beneficial initiative. Unlike before, participants can directly profit from a discount for Lady Foot Locker products.

Lady Foot Locker Survey Benefits

  • Shopping discount. Participating in surveys is quickly becoming more enticing than ever, with companies striving to attract as many respondents as possible. This is certainly the case for the Lady Foot Locker survey. Participation is now something you should definitely consider, with the company offering each participant $10 off for a purchase of at least $50.
  • Active part in improving customer service. Besides the reward, the survey also plays a vital part in improving customer service at Lady Foot Locker. You will be able to make your voice heard and your opinion will matter greatly to the retailer when trying to adjust its services to your specific needs. By participating, you contribute in improving your own shopping experience.


Survey Participation Requirements

  • Valid Lady Foot Locker Receipt. In order to participate, you first need a valid receipt from a Lady Foot Locker store. It is true that you might have been a former customer and lost the receipt. However, the retailer has to make sure your feedback is based on your actual experience and is not made up. Survey validity is an important factor in ensuring that customer service can actually improve and adapt.
  • Working internet connection. It’s essential to have a good internet connection while completing the survey. In addition, we recommend that you update your browsers and allow cookies for the Lady Foot Locker website. Outdated software can cause unexpected problems, such as unresponsive pages, which can be frustrating and thus best avoidable.
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish. Due to client demographics, participants can only take the Lady Foot Locker survey in English or Spanish. If you have a friend who is a Lady Foot Locker customer and would like to complete the survey but doesn’t yet speak English or Spanish sufficiently well, feel free to provide assistance.
  • Willingness to provide relevant feedback. We do not recommend that you complete the Lady Foot Locker survey with only the discount in mind. Do your best to provide relevant and objective feedback, which could help the management to work towards improving customer service. Your honesty and seriousness are important elements in ensuring the survey’s success. If companies suspect surveys are inconclusive or taken lightly by clients, their frequency will diminish, and so will discounts and other rewards.

Lady Foot Locker Survey: Completion Steps and Tips

Let’s move on to the actual steps you must take in order to complete the survey. The process is very straightforward and should not take more than 5-8 minutes. Note that the Lady Foot Locker survey has not yet been optimized for tablets and mobiles. It should, however, work fine on all devices if your browser is updated and if you have a decent internet connection.

Step 1 – Shop at Lady Foot Locker and Get a Receipt

Successful improvement of customer service is based on actual customer experience. That is why it’s so important that only people who have actually had contact with Lady Foot Locker products and customer service take the survey.

Step 2 – Go to the Lady Foot Locker Survey Page

Go to  This is where you must enter the 5 digit code from your Lady Foot Locker receipt in order to continue. The code is usually in the upper right-hand corner of the receipt. If you have a valid receipt but the code does not work, call Lady Foot Locker customer service at 1 800 991 6686. If you are outside the US, call 1 715 261 9709. The customer service staff is available 24/7.

Step 3 – Insert the Date and Time of Your Visit

It’s important to note that what you enter must correspond to the date and time on your receipt. This means that you must place the time from your receipt in one of the time intervals listed in the survey.

Step 4 – Complete the Survey

Give relevant answers and impressions related to your experience as a Lady Foot Locker customer.

Step 5 – Finish Up and Get Your Validation Code

The unique validation code you receive at the end of the survey if what will allow you to claim your $10 discount when next shopping at Lady Foot Locker. Take time to write it down or print the page before you move on. If you accidentally close your survey tab or your browser, there is a chance your session will time out and you could lose the validation code. Don’t rush it and take your time.

Step 6 – Use the Validation Code to Get a Discount on Your Next Purchase

Once you finish the survey, you are eligible for a $10 discount if you purchase products worth $50 or more. To apply the discount, show your Lady Foot Locker survey validation code at the cashier when you make your next purchase and mention the applicable discount for survey participants.

Privacy and personal data protection

The Lady Foot Locker survey collects some personal data, for research and marketing purposes. Lady Foot Locker acts in accordance with US legislation on data protection. The company does not disclose private data to any third party except in the situations provided by law.

No longer a one-sided affair, surveys are now helpful to both seller and buyer, helping in the overall progress of customer service and product quality.

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