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This guide provides a walkthrough of the Golden Chick customer satisfaction survey. Any recent Golden Chick customer can fill out the survey online, at In this guide, you can read about the Golden Chick survey requirements, and find out what the Golden Chick survey prize is.

Golden Chick Survey Participation Requirements

To enter the Golden Chick survey, you will need to keep your Golden Chick receipt. Receipts generally contain a survey code. There will be survey invitation area on your receipt containing a 15-digit survey ID. You will need to input this ID on the survey page,, to access questionnaire.

Survey participants must be at least 18 years old.

You will also need the Golden Chick receipt to take advantage of the Golden Chick survey reward.

Employees and company officials are ineligible for participation.

Golden Chick Survey Prizes & Benefits

Anyone who is elligible for the Golden Chick survey and fills out the questionnaire will receive a Golden Chick coupon code. The code will be displayed at the end of the survey.

The value of the Golden Chick coupon code is printed on your receipt. To take advantage of the offer, you must write the code on the receipt, in the specially designated area.

You can then bring your receipt with you the next time you dine at Golden Chick and redeem the offer just as you would any other Golden Chick coupon.

Golden Chick Survey Completion Steps

  1. Go to, the current Golden Chick survey website. The survey website address may change, so check your receipt to see the current Golden Chick survey website address.Golden Chick survey ID entry form
  2. Once you reach, you can switch the survey language to Spanish, if you wish.
  3. Write the survey ID code in the boxes on the first page of
  4. Once you have inserted the code, you can click the start button to begin the survey. The page will not allow you to continue if the code is incorrect. You will have the chance to correct the code after you click the start button.
  5. Most of the questions will ask you to rate your experience at Golden Chick.
  6. You will also have the chance to leave a comment. The comment is optional.
  7. After answering all the survey questions, be sure to wait a couple of moments before the closing webpage. The Golden Chick coupon code should appear on screen in a couple of moments. Write it down on your receipt before closing the website, as you may be unable to retrieve afterwards.

Golden Chick Survey Useful Information

For any issues with the Golden Chick survey, or if you’d like to provide feedback on a topic not covered by the survey, contact the Golden Chick customer service team. You can contact them online at

Phone contact:


1-972-831-0401 (fax)


For Golden Chick’s catering menu, visit the official website at There, you can also find the Golden Chick restaurant locator, which gives you the contact details of specific Golden Chick locations.

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