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Whataburger Survey Completion Guide at

Whataburger is one of the many companies who cares about their customers’ opinions. So, they’ve prepared a survey to help them assess the quality of the services they provide, as well as their products and their staff. The Whataburger survey is available online to all Whataburger customers at This guide will provide instructions for the survey, as well as offer information on the survey requiremens and rewards.


Whataburger Survey Completion Guide

Whataburger Survey Rewards

The prize for the completion of the Whataburger survey is a Whataburger coupon that you can redeem during your next visit to the restaurant. The value of the Whataburger coupon is printed on your receipt, near the survey invitation area.

To receive your Whataburger coupon, you need to write down the Whataburger coupon code on the receipt you used to access the Whataburger survey. The coupon code will appear on screen after completing the survey.

You cannot exchange the Whataburger coupon for cash, and you can only use it once at a single Whataburger location. Plus, you can’t use it at the same time with another Whataburger discount offer.

Whataburger Survey Requirements

To access the survey at, you will need a Whataburger receipt. Almost all receipts contain a Whataburger survey invitation code. When you access the website, you will see a few blank boxes. This is where you will ahve to enter the Whataburger survey code. After that you will be able to access the survey itself. You will also need the receipt in order to obtain the survey reward, the Whataburger coupon.


Whataburger Survey Completion Steps

This part of our Whataburger Survey Completion Guide will include tips on completing the Whataburger survey.

For the WhatABurger Survey you have to type the store number.

  1. Go to or click the “Start Survey” button at the end of this list.
  2. Enter the code found at the top of your receipt, which should have seventeen digits, and click Start.

The code needed for the WhatABurger Survey is on your receipt.

  1. Answer each question of the Whataburger customer survey honestly and rate all the services and products, and remember to click Next after each one.
  2. Answer the open question in your own words, giving your opinion on the overall experience at Whataburger. This question is optional. You can skip it.
  3. Select the answers for the personal information questions.
  4. Receive your Whataburger coupon code and write it down on your receipt.
  5. Bring the receipt with the Whataburger coupon code with you and present it to the cashier when you visit a Whataburger restaurant next.

Whataburger Survey Useful Information

It is important to remember that the code on your receipt expires three days after you acquired it. Also, you can use the coupon code you received upon the completion of the Whataburger survey for the next thirty days, but not more.

You can contact Whataburger by telephone at 1-800-6burger or online on their contact page. If you wish to locate a Whataburger restaurant, you can check out this list of locations.

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