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Zales Outlet Survey Completion Guide

This Zales outlet survey review and completion guide will help you with all the steps of completing the Zales guest experience survey. The survey will allow you to provide valuable feedback on Zales goods and services. In addition, participation will also allow you to benefit from special offers and deals.

Zales is an important retailer and distributor of high-quality jewels and accessories. It has a history of almost 60 years in providing affordable products to the general public. Its loyal client base has ensured the company’s success and has prompted the company to take constant action towards improving customer service and experience.

The Zales outlet survey is no longer a one-sided affair. Zales provides a strong incentive to take part in the survey, by allowing participants to access special offers when shopping at Zales.

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Zales Outlet Survey Benefits

By participating in the Zales guest experience survey, you will have two major benefits.

Profit from special offers and discounts. When next shopping at Zales, you can present the validation code which you received upon the survey’s completion. Then, the special offer inscribed on the previous receipt will become available to you.

Improve customer service. By honestly answering all the questions in the survey, you will be able to play a part in the company’s effort to keep customer service at its very best. You should not see this as being beneficial only to the company, as you will also be positively influenced by a better shopping experience. Moreover, helping our favorite goods and services providers in improving their activity should be viewed as a way of actively participating in refining overall economic standards inside your community.

Zales Outlet Survey

Zales Outlet Survey – Participation Requirements

Before completing the Zales guest experience survey, make sure you fulfill the following requirements.

Be a former Zales customer. In order to be able to provide relevant feedback related to customer service quality at Zales, you need to be a former client. This condition is set so as to filter relevant fact-based feedback from spam surveys, which can render the final survey results irrelevant. You will be able to prove you are a former customer by providing a number from your last Zales receipt.

Have a good internet connection. To successfully complete the survey, it’s very important to have a good internet connection. A poor connection can cause you to lose your answers due to non-responding pages, or worse, to lose you final validation code. You may use the validation code to benefit from special offers at Zales after you complete the survey, and we’ll talk about it in a second.

Fluency in English or Spanish. You can only take the survey in English or Spanish, due to client demographics. If you are not yet fluent in these languages, but you wish to provide feedback, feel free to ask a friend to help you out.

The desire to help companies improve their customer service. Honesty and goodwill when completing the Zales outlet survey are very important for the relevance of the final survey results. Remember that companies can truly improve their services and performance only after genuine client feedback.

Successfully adapting to the market means that a company should be able to act on real client responses, suggestions, and grievances. As such, your honesty and objectivity when completing the survey are of utmost importance.

If you’re a Zales client who is committed to assisting in the development of customer service, we can move on to the practical steps you need to take in order to complete the Zales outlet survey.

Zales Outlet Survey – Completions Steps and Tips

The survey should not take more than 10 minutes and can certainly be completed in less than that. Before starting the survey, check if your browser is updated to the latest version. Out of date browsers can cause problems in page functionality and response time.

Step 1 – Find Your Last Zales Receipt

In order to start the survey, you will first have to enter the number from the last line of the receipt. This helps you prove that you have shopped at Zales before, and can thus provide relevant feedback.

Step 2 – Go to the Zales Outlet Survey Page

Next, go to, and enter the above-mentioned number. If you have trouble accessing the survey, and if you are sure that you’re entering the number correctly, feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-800-311-5393.

Step 3 – Take the Survey

You will be asked a number of question regarding Zales goods and services. Answer honestly and objectively.

Step 4 – Get your Validation Code and Go to Zales

Upon completion, you will receive a validation code. During your next shopping trip to Zales, present the validation code alongside your previous receipt. This will allow you to benefit from a special offer.

Note that only one offer is available for each household, and you cannot combine it with a different offer. In addition, you cannot use the offer to get a discount on previous purchases, or in exchanges. Finally, the offer is not redeemable for cash. The validation code will be available to use for 90 days.

Zales Outlet Survey – Privacy and Personal Data Protection

The Zales outlet survey does not require you to provide personal data or information. However, a set of standard data might be automatically collected for research purposes. This can include browser information and operating system information.

This is a very common occurrence. The vast majority of websites collect information in order to offer quicker access to their content and to personalize it for you.

Zales will protect your personal data at all times, and the company acts in accordance with US law on data protection.

The Zales outlet survey is a great way to save money and to benefit from special offers at Zales, while also contributing to the overall improvement of customer service and experience.

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