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Lenny’s is one of the most beloved restaurants in the United States. Lenny’s is always interested to hear what their customers think about Lenny’s menu, customer service and overal dining experience. As such, they have created a convenient way to leave feedback, the Lenny’s survey at

This guide will explain how to access and participate in the Lenny’s survey, as well as what the Lenny’s survey prizes are and how you can obtain them.


Those who can participate in the survey should have dined with Lenny’s in the past three days, and they are required to answer several questions regarding their experiences at the restaurant. The store number and the order ID are two of the most important information needed to proceed to the survey because, without it, you would not be able to get through the review.

Make sure to keep these pieces of information with you when trying to participate in the survey. Other requirements needed would be a device with internet connection (computers or smartphones), and a vivid memory of the experience while dining in one of their stores.


Customers who have recently dined with Lenny’s can win several prizes after filling out the survey. One of the most popular freebies given by the restaurant would be coupon codes that have various worth. Those who managed to finish the survey will be able to get the codes that would entitle them to discounts and freebies while dining at Lenny’s.

This is a great one-time offer, and those who have finished the survey can also bring along their friends and family members for them to experience the same service. Lenny’s wanted to hear from their customers to see where they should improve, and what things they have to add inside their stores to serve their customers better.


To participate in the survey:

  1. Connect a device to the internet and visit Lenny’s survey’s official website at
  2. Locate the Store Number on the receipt. It should be right on the uppermost part of the receipt. Put the information on the “Store Number” tab on the webpage.
  3. Locate the Order ID on the receipt. It should be under the time stamp, which is usually composed of 12-character letters. Put the information on the “Order ID” tab on the webpage.
  4. If you could not locate this information, you can also put in the Ticket Date, the Ticket Time, and the Ticket Total to help the system search for the receipt information.
  5. You would be redirected to the survey page. Answer all of the questions honestly. The survey should take 10-12 minutes to complete.
  6. Once you are finished, submit all of the answers and the system will prompt you to enter a valid email address where they could send the coupons.


If you wanted to learn more about the survey program from Lenny’s, you could visit their website at You can also check out the store’s official website at and check out some of the products that they offer. Loyal customers who have been dining with Lenny’s for some time can also take advantage of their VIP rewards and gift cards that can be accessed through their official website, The store can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook to get more information about their current promotions.


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