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In our Service Management Group customer satisfaction survey guide, we will tell you all about this popular brand of surveys. Any time you take a survey for a local restaurant, there’s a good chance it is being run by SMG. Though the exact details of SMG surveys change depending on what client they are conducting the survey for, SMG generally uses the same rules, regulations, and prizes for their surveys. Here’s what you need to know about the SMG survey.

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In order to take part in any of the sweepstakes, you will need to be a legal resident in the area where the store operates. Survey takers will also need to be the age of majority in their country of residency. As long as there are no sweepstakes involved, Service Management Group normally does not require participants to meet age and residency requirements. However, they will still need to have a survey invitation from one of the restaurants or stores working with Service Management Group. Read your receipt to see if there is an expiration date for the survey.


The exact prize for any Service Management feedback survey will depend on what the store running the survey offers. Customers may get to take part in a survey where they receive discounts after taking the survey. For restaurant surveys, survey takers might get a free menu item. In some instances, a company may reward survey takers with a sweepstakes entry. If you enter a sweepstakes after taking part in a survey, you could win a large prize in either cash or store gift cards. You will need to provide contact information so you can be notified if you win.


1. Type in the address for the customer satisfaction survey that is found on your survey invitation.
2. Click the “Espanol” link at the bottom of the page if you want to take the same Service Management Group survey in Spanish.
3. Enter the survey invitation code given to you by the company into the appropriate area.
4. Fill in any other requested information about which location you visited and click the “Start” or “Begin” button.
5. Answer any questions the company asks about how pleased you were with your visit to their location.
6. Submit the survey.
7. Provide personal contact information if you are entering a sweepstakes.
8. Write down any validation code given to you onto a receipt to collect your survey reward.


To find out more about how the Service Management Group customer satisfaction surveys work, contact them through one of the following methods.

Contact Form:
Phone Number: 1.800.764.0439
Address: SMG Kansas City Office
1737 McGee Street,
Kansas City, MO 64108
Facebook Page:

Have you taken any of the Service Management Group’s surveys before? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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