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This Foot Locker survey completion guide will provide you with all of the information needed to take part in the foot locker online questionnaire. If you’ve completed the recent Kids Foot Locker survey or Lady Foot Locker survey, you already know that Foot Locker is interested in finding out more about its customers’ experience shopping in the retailer’s stores.

The Foot Locker platform is easy to navigate and it will only take a few minutes to complete this survey online. You can help Foot Locker improve the quality of its products and services by sharing valuable information with the company. Rate your experience visiting one of Foot Locker’s many locations and help the retailer improve its customer service.
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You will not only receive a foot locker coupon code online for completing this survey, you will also help make your next visit to one of Foot Locker’s locations more enjoyable. If you are a customer of the popular brand you can go online and quickly take the survey now. If you are unsure of how to complete this survey, you can read this guide for a step-by-step walkthrough and more information regarding the participation prerequisites and the survey prizes and rewards.

Foot Locker Survey Completion Guide: Participation Prerequisites

Anyone can participate in this Foot Locker survey as long as they are able to visit the survey page online. As you can only find the survey questions and the coupon for footlocker online, you will need access to a reliable internet connection in order to access the survey website.

It is recommended to use a secure internet connection when visiting this site. A desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone will also be needed when visiting the survey web page. No proof of purchase is required in order to participate in this survey.

Foot Locker Survey Page

Foot Locker Survey Completion Guide: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The following section of this guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of the Foot Locker survey completion process. After you’ve met all of the participation prerequisites, please follow the instructions detailed below in order to successfully run through this online survey:

  • The first thing you will need to do will be to visit the official Foot locker survey page. You can visit this page using your current web browser by simply clicking on the link provided here: You can also use a different web browser to open this page by copying and pasting the link above into the navigation bar in the web browser that you want to use instead. Make sure not to type anything else into the navigation bar in this web browser after pasting the link into it.
  • After you’ve reached the correct survey page, you can write down the online Key Code that will appear in the white box just under the “$10 Off Orders Over $50” advertisement on this page. This online key code can be used for your next purchase from Foot Locker in order to receive the discount mentioned above. While you are on the page, a small pop-up window will appear asking you to take a few moments to answer some survey questions concerning your experience shopping with Foot Locker. Click on the gray “Yes” button in order to be automatically redirected to a new window containing the survey questions.
  • Start answering all of the Foot Locker survey questions. As this survey relies on your impressions visiting and using the Foot Locker website, you will be asked to rate your experience using this web platform and the features available on it, such as the online Foot Locker coupons, the find foot locker stores search option, or the footlocker.comcom product information section.
  • Submit your survey answers and enter your email address into the empty field at the bottom of the last survey page if you want to. Optionally, you can tick the box beneath the email information field to receive updates from Foot Locker regarding new or upcoming Foot Locker mobile coupon offers, special discounts, and catalog updates.

            Foot Locker Survey Completion Guide: Prizes and Rewards

As you will see as soon as you reach the Foot Locker survey page, you will receive on online key code for visiting the Foot Locker website and taking the time to answer the survey questions. The online key code can be used to receive a $10 discount on your next Foot Locker purchase of at least $50. You can write down the key code or save it on your computer as you will need to provide it when checking out and paying for your items in order to receive the discount.

Please note that this online key code can only be used once and that it cannot be redeemed for cash. It cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or with other discount offers. Some items may not be eligible for this discount coupon. You can search for the items that you wish to purchase on the Foot Locker web page. If these items are not eligible for the discount, a message reading “”excluded from discount” in red will appear in the product description on the web page.

Foot Locker Survey Completion Guide: Useful Information

Foot Locker is an American retailer that offers a wide selection of footwear and sportswear products. The company currently has more than 3,921 stores in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia Pacific. The company was established in 1974 and it is currently headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It now operates in more than 20 countries around the world.

The Foot Locker Customer Service department can easily be contacted via phone by calling this number: 1.800.991.6815. International customers can reach the Customer Service department by calling the phone number listed here: 1-715-261-9708. If you are interested in giving Foot Locker more feedback on the company’s available products and services, you can also contact them online and send them a message by filling out the Customer Feedback form available here:

If you want to learn more about the Foot Locker products or get more information about this Foot Locker survey, you can visit the official company website by following the link provided here:

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