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Are you a loyal customer of Weis market? Welcome to the Weis Feedback survey. This is a way to help us serve you better by rating our facilities and services. You will discover everything you need to know about Weis customer satisfaction survey. This includes requirements, survey prizes, completion steps, and questions. We will describe all completion steps and provide relevant links you might find useful in the process.

Weis Feedback Survey Participation Requirements

There are several requirements needed to qualify for participating in the Weis feedback survey. They include:

  • Be a resident of Canada, USA and United Kingdom.
  • Possess a receipt from a recent Weis Market Visit
  • Be at least 13 years old
  • Have a basic command of English
  • Take the survey within one week after purchase.
  • Take a maximum of five surveys in a month
  • Not their family member, employee, sponsor or their subsidiaries
  • Don’t transmit or sell your prize

Weis Feedback Survey Prizes and Benefits

After completing the Weis Feedback Survey, you will win a $2 coupon. The coupon will be credited to your Weis Reward Card. Every single person stands up to 5 coupons every month. You may redeem your award for gas or anything available in the Weis Market, but you are not allowed to transmit your Prize.

Weis Feedback Survey Completion Steps

To complete the Weis customer satisfaction survey follow these steps

  1. Go to
  2. Key in the survey code on your Weis Market receipt
  3. Choose your preferred language using the translate option
  4. Tell about your most recent trip to Weis Market
  5. Rate your experience at the Weis Market on a scale of satisfied to dissatisfied
  6. Scale your level of satisfaction with the variety of items, quality, and the overall service
  7. Say how you like the environment, interior, attitude of the Weis Market staff and cleanliness
  8. List any problems, concerns or issues you faced during your visit
  9. Respond to other questions about the quality of service Weis Markets provides
  10. Give your honest views and submit your Weis customer satisfaction survey.
  11. Provide your contact details; name, valid email, phone number and location.
  12. Upon completion of the survey, you will get a validation code which you will use to redeem $2 coupon on your next visit to Weis Market. The coupon will be credited to your rewards card

Weis Feedback Survey Useful Information

Your participation in the Weis Customer satisfaction survey will help the company understand better where it needs to improve for your satisfaction. If you have any enquires or further concerns you can contact Weis Markets via mail or Phone.

Weis appreciates your candid feedback and time. In case you encounter any problem as you carry out the survey you may contact Weis customer service-1-866-999-934 or visit their official site You can also link up with Weis Markets on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram. Let Weis know what you think about their service. Weis understands your growing needs.

Weis Markets Address

Weis Markets, Inc

1000 S. Second Street

Sunbury, PA 17801

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