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When you get done eating tasty food and playing video games at Dave and Buster’s, use our survey guide to fill out their online feedback form, which you can find at This guide will tell you what the requirements and prizes for the survey are, and we’ll even help you get in touch with Dave and Buster’s if you need more assistance. To learn all the details about Dave and Buster’s customer satisfaction survey, keep reading this article.


There are just a few requirements for anyone who takes the Dave and Buster’s feedback survey.

  • Survey takers must have a receipt from a recent visit to a Dave and Buster’s store.
  • Participants will need a phone or computer that has access to the Internet.
  • People taking the survey will need to understand enough English to read the survey questions.
  • Participants will need to understand that taking the survey constitutes agreement with the survey privacy policy. You can find it at


Providing feedback through the survey helps to ensure that your complaints or praise about the company is heard. At the end of the survey, you also get the option to sign up for Dave and Buster’s rewards program. Registering for this gives you $10 of free gameplay money with the purchase of $10 gameplay. You will also get monthly emails that give you special access to savings, and you can earn rewards points that can be spent on food, drinks, or games at Dave and Buster’s.


1. Enter, the official Dave and Buster’s survey page.
2. Scroll down past the promotional advertisements and videos.

dave and busters customer survey
3. Type the 17 digit ID number found on your receipt into the blank field.
4. Click the “Next” button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the web page.
5. Fill in the date that you went to Dave and Busters and enter your Power Card code if you have one.
6. Answer all of the questions about what occurred during your trip to Dave and Busters and how satisfied you were with the experience.
7. Click “Next” after completing each page of questions to move to a new page.
8. Provide some demographic information about yourself.
9. Write any additional comments in the blank text box.
10. Choose to enter the rewards program if desired.
11. Turn in your survey answers by clicking the “Submit” button.


If you would like to give Dave and Buster’s more feedback, leave a message on their Facebook or Twitter. For more information about the Dave and Buster’s customer satisfaction survey, contact the company or their survey management team through one of these methods:

Phone Number: 888-300-1515 (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM)
After Hours Phone Number: 800-842-5369
InMoment Survey Management Address: InMoment, Inc.
310 East 4500 South, Suite #450
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

Have you tried the Dave and Buster’s survey yet? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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