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Vitamin World Survey Completion Guide

This Vitamin World survey guide will assist you with every step required for successfully completing the Vitamin World survey online. The purpose of the survey is to help Vitamin World better understand the needs of its clients with the aim of improving product quality and customer service.

Vitamin World is a major retailer of vitamins and nutrition solutions and supplements. Its products include the whole range of vitamin supplements, specialized for various customer needs.

The vitamin retailer, founded in the 1960’s, achieved remarkable popularity due to its “bargain” sales policies, which offered enticing discounts and special offers to its customers. More recently, however, the company was subject to a series of restructuring moves, aimed at making it more competitive on the market.

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Though it has moved slightly up-market, Vitamin World still has attractive deals and special offers, which help it keep its position in the vanguard of the vitamin and nutrition supplements market.

An important part of its new approach consists of collecting as much client feedback as possible and then acting upon it in order to better adapt to changing customer demands. The Vitamin World survey is an integral part of this.

Participating in the survey is not only easy but also advantageous for customers, as involvement can translate into special offers and reduction coupons.

Vitamin World Survey – Benefits

Participating in the Vitamin World survey can be a good way to save money. Here are two major benefits of participating.

  • Rewards and discount coupons. Participation in the survey will allow you to benefit from a 20% off coupon when next buying from Vitamin World. The discount can be accessed via a validation code, which you receive upon completion.
  • Contributing to customer service improvement. Besides the discount itself, you will also be able to actively contribute to improving customer service and product quality. This is mutually advantageous, as improvements in the company’s approach to customers will result in a better experience for you as well.

Vitamin World Survey

Vitamin World Survey – Participation Requirements

In order to participate, you will first need to fulfill a number of conditions.

  • Have a Vitamin World receipt from a previous purchase. To make sure that it only receives relevant feedback, the Vitamin World survey can only be completed if you possess a valid Vitamin World receipt from your last purchase. The main reason for this is that only former customers can truly provide feedback which is based on actual purchasing experience.
  • Have good internet access. The Vitamin World survey requires a good internet connection for successful completion. If your internet connection is interrupted, there is a risk you might lose your answers and your validation code. In addition, make sure your browser is updated to its latest version, as old versions can cause page loading problems.
  • State the date of your last purchase at Vitamin World. The survey must be taken no later than 7 days after the purchase. This is why it’s important to keep the receipt and fill in the date of your last purchase.
  • Be willing to provide relevant and objective feedback. The survey’s primary purpose is to improve customer service and product quality so they can better match clients’ needs. This is why it’s very important that you provide truthful and objective answers.

Vitamin World Survey – Completions Steps and Tips

If you fulfill the all the above conditions, we are ready to start. Below, we will guide you through every step of successfully completing the survey and of claiming your 20% off discount. The survey should not take more than 5 – 7 minutes.

  • Step 2. Enter the required preliminary information. You must provide the date of your last purchase and your receipt number. You must also confirm that you are over 18 years of age.
  • Step 3. Complete the survey. Make sure you provide relevant feedback and truthful answers.
  • Step 4. Claim your validation code. After you’ve completed the survey, you will receive a validation code. This can be used during your next purchase, in order to claim a 20% off discount coupon for what you buy next. The discount can only be used for one purchase. Thus, it’s advisable that you purchase a more expensive product in order to maximize your benefit.
  • Step 5. Shop at Vitamin World and claim your discount. When next shopping at Vitamin World, present your discount coupon when checking out and mention that you have completed the Vitamin World survey.

If you have any problems with claiming your Vitamin World coupon, check out Vitamin World’s help center.

The discount can only be claimed at one of the Vitamin World locations. If you have trouble locating the nearest Vitamin World, check out the Vitamin World store locator.

Vitamin World Survey – Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Vitamin World takes keeping your personal data safe very seriously. Online orders, surveys, and inquiries use SSL encryption technology. You can verify whether you are on the genuine Vitamin World by checking whether the Vitamin World address in your browser begins with “HTTPS”. Most browsers also display a closed lock for pages involving online orders and transactions.

Vitamin World will not release personal information to any third party, except in situations provided by law, and acts in full accordance with US legislation on personal data protection.

Participating in online customer satisfaction surveys is a great way in which you can simultaneously benefit from a discount and contribute to improvements in customer service. The Vitamin World survey is no different, with an attractive 20% discount on the table for participants.

This is a considerable discount and it can mean a great deal for larger family purchases. Given Vitamin World’s history of providing high-quality products, alongside various discounts and promotions, we think that completing the Vitamin World survey is definitely worth your time.


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