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This Kohls Customer survey completion guide will provide you with all of the information you will require in order to go through the Kohls customer experience survey, including all of the participation prerequisites, a step-by-step walkthrough of the Kohls listens survey completion process, and details regarding any Kohls customer survey rewards that might be offered.

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If you are a customer of the American department store chain and you want to share your experiences shopping at one of Kohl’s many locations, you can visit the survey customer service improvement questionnaire page. By answering the Kohls client feedback survey you will help provide the department store chain with important feedback concerning its products, services, and customer care practices.

Whether you enjoy visiting one of the retailer’s stores or you’re a fan of the shopping online portal, you can access the www kohls com survey site and go through the Kohls customer feedback survey questions to help make your next experience shopping at the department store chain more enjoyable. You can read through the guide below to find all of the information you will require when trying to complete the Kohls client experience survey.

Kohls Customer Survey Completion Guide: Participation Prerequisites

The first thing you will need when wishing to go through the Kohls customer satisfaction survey will be a proof of purchase as this survey is aimed at recent clients of the department store chain. Because of this, you will need a receipt from a previous purchase at one of the chain’s stores. Information printed on this receipt will be required when you begin the Kohls survey.

An access number for Kohls current survey portal will be printed on your receipt. You will be asked to provide this 16-digit code along with the 4-digit store number once you begin the Kohls survey steps so make sure that you have your receipt with you once you decide to take the current Kohls survey online.

Additionally, you will require a reliable internet connection and a desktop computer, a laptop, or a smart device in order to access the survey page. If you want to read more about the Kohls customer survey participation terms and conditions you can go to and find more details on the company’s official website.

Kohls Customer Survey Page screen capture
This is what the Kohls customer survey page will look like.

Kohls Customer Survey Completion Guide: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The following segment of this guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of the Kohls customer service survey  completion process. Once you have made all of the necessary preparations, you can easily fill in the Kohls client service survey by following the steps listed below:

  • Firstly, you will need to visit the Kohls customer survey web page. You can do so using your current web browser by simply clicking on the link provided here and waiting to be automatically redirected to the survey page. If you wish to access the web page using a different browser, you can copy and paste the same link into the navigation bar in your preferred web browser. Make sure you do not type anything else into the navigation bar after entering the link if you choose to copy and paste it. You can use this web address to access the web page:
  • Once you have reached the survey page, you will be required to enter the number validating your purchase into the corresponding fields. Enter the 4-digit store number printed on your receipt into the first empty field on the survey page. Afterward, enter the 16-digit access code you have on your receipt into the following four empty fields on the page. If you prefer to answer the Kohls customer survey questions in Spanish, you can do so by clicking on the blue “Spanish” link below the black “Start” button on the survey page. Once you have entered all of the necessary details into the survey page, press the black “Start” button to continue taking the survey.
  • You will now be asked to rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at the store and give more information regarding the items that you usually shop for in the store. You will then be asked to offer the company feedback regarding details such as the speed of checkout, the availability of the products you searched for, the availability of assistance, and the overall aspect and cleanliness of the store. You will then be asked about your shopping preferences and whether you use other Kohls shopping features such as the credit card. Answer all of the survey questions and click the “Next” button each time you wish to move on to the next section of the survey.

Kohls Customer Survey Completion Guide: Prizes and Rewards

In addition to helping Kohls improve the experience that customers will have in its stores, you may have access to the Kohls customer survey rewards depending on the offer printed on your survey invitation. Survey rewards for this Kohls customer survey will vary so make sure to check the survey invitation details printed on your receipt to find out if you are eligible for a survey prize.

Kohls Customer Survey Completion Guide: Useful Information

Kohls is an American department store chain that began with the first Kohl supermarket founded in Milwaukee back in 1946 by Maxwell Kohl. The company opened its first department store in 1962 and it has since grown into the United States’ second largest department store by retail sales after Macy’s. The company is still headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Kohls currently operates in 49 states across the country and has the largest number of stores in the United States as of 2013. It currently has over 1162 stores open in the United States and it is part of the Fortune 500 list of companies. The department store retail chain offers a wide range of products ranging from clothing articles and shoes to jewelry, cosmetics, toys, and household items.

If you are interested in finding out more about the department store chain or about the ongoing Kohls customer survey, you can visit the official company website by clicking on the link provided here:

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  1. 12/17/16

    I was at the Kohl’s Store in Brighton and Sue checked me out. She was a very pleasant and helpful Associate. I love shopping at Kohl’s as they always have what I am looking for and all off their staff is very pleasant and helpful….at the Brighton location.

  2. .Purchased A cast iron dutch oven from the bridal registry.
    Patrick was VERY helpful. I didn’t have a cart. He carried it to
    the check out and then even carried it to my car. Very polite.
    Who says young people aren’t helpful and courteous. Patrick
    even stopped what he was doing (stocking inventory on the shelves)
    He seemed as if the customer was important. I hope Kohls knows
    they have a good employee

    1. You’re so kind! If you take the Kohls survey, you can mention this, to make sure the managers hear your wonderful feedback!

  3. Was at the Defiance, Oh store 1087 and Roxanne helped my mother in law pick out a sweeper and was very helpful and Nancy at the check out was very courteous and polite. Enjoyed the visit.

  4. Kohl’s is my favorite store to shop at. They always have clothes on sale at greatly reduced price, which makes them very enticing. Jessica is a jackpot worker/manager. She is a very outgoing/helpful/caring person with an outgoing personality at the Minot, North Dakota Kohl’s Store!

    1. We’re sure she would be very happy to hear your lovely feedback! You can drop Kohl’s a line on one of their social media pages or take the survey!

  5. sue was of GREAT help to me yesterday in helping me purchase our new food network pots/pans. Sue is a GREAT employee and has helped me out MAY times. Kohls is my Favorite store to shop at- keep up the GREAT work Sue !!!!!!!!!!!!

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