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The GoodysOnline survey conducted by is available for all customers who recently shopped Goodys clothing online or at any of their locations. In addition to GoodysOnline customers, the Goodys Online Shopping survey is available to those who bought items from any Stage dept store, including Peebles, Bealls or Palais Royal.

If you want to express your opinion about clothing, the Goodys website, your Goodys card or any other aspects related to your experience with the Goodys clothing online store, check out our GoodysOnline survey guide below for full instructions.

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GoodysOnline Survey Rewards

The reason why most customers get excited about the Goodys On Line survey is their opportunity to win some pretty nice rewards. Even though cash prizes are usually among the main interests of Goodys clothing store online customers, there are a few additional rewards that should be regarded. If you like to buy fashion items from the Goodys clothing online store, having a great user experience should be among your priorities. Regardless if you shop the Goody dept store online or at their locations, you get the chance to provide your honest feedback about the items this retailer sells. After they collect feedback from customers like you, the folks at will analyze what they can do to offer an enhanced experience in the future.

Even though we fully support the rewards related to customer experience, we have to admit that their substantial rewards are definitely an aspect to keep in mind. Like other retailer questionnaires, the shopping survey offers a free sweepstakes entry upon completion. If you successfully finish the GoodysOnline survey for, you can enter their monthly drawing to win a gift card. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will receive a voucher valued at $300 to use in any of their locations or online, at

GoodysOnline Survey Requirements

Understandably, the GoodysOnline survey for is only available to certain individuals who meet their list of requirements. The GoodysOnline survey sweepstakes, in particular, imposes these eligibility guidelines so the drawing takes place in legal conditions. The first requirement on their list is that you are a legal resident of the United States, the exception being Rhode Island. Secondly, you need to be at least 18 years old when entering the GoodysOnline survey, so make sure you speak to a parent for help if you are underage. In addition to these rules, you also can’t work at any of their stores or the survey company (ForeSee Results, Inc.) or be directly related to someone who does. For the full list of GoodysOnline survey sweepstakes official rules, please click here.

Aside from these legal requirements, there is an eligibility aspect that every participant needs to think about before getting started with the GoodysOnline survey. As you can probably guess, the survey is open for those who bought products from Goodys shops or the other ones part of Stage department stores. The reason is quite obvious – Goodys is interested in gathering feedback from customers who have purchased their items and services and are entitled to a valid opinion. In order to validate your status as a customer for the GoodysOnline survey, make sure that you keep your receipt to use for the first steps of the questionnaire.

GoodysOnline Survey: Step-by-step Walkthrough and Tips

Now that you know the rules and rewards, it’s time to get down to the GoodysOnline survey itself. Please prepare the device of your choice – PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet – and make sure that it’s connected to the internet. Get the receipt from your last Goodys shopping trip and go through the instructions we have explained below:

    • Visit the GoodysOnline survey portal at If you want direct access, just click the link we have provided for you.

GoodysOnline Survey screenshot

  • The website you get to should look like the image above. Before you continue with the GoodysOnline survey, you might be interested in checking out the Official Rules, Stage Stores Privacy Policy or ForeSee Privacy Policy. You can access any of these links in the footer of the GoodysOnline survey site.
  • If you just want to start the survey, choose the language you are most familiar with: English or Spanish.
  • Click the grey Next
  • You now have to fill in a few blank spaces so Goodys can confirm that you’re a customer. To begin with, provide your GoodysOnline Survey Code. You should be able to easily identify it on the bottom half of your receipt. However, if you have any problems locating it, just look at the sample register receipt on the right side of the screen. An example of the survey code will be highlighted in yellow.
  • Enter the survey code once again so it can be checked.
  • Select the appropriate age category from the drop down list. Remember, if you are under the age of 18, you won’t be eligible for the GoodysOnline survey sweepstakes.
  • Enter the characters shown in the security check box. If you can’t make them out properly, use the link under the empty field to receive a new set of characters.
  • Read the information you entered to make sure that it’s accurate and click the Submit button when you’re ready to start the GoodysOnline survey.
  • Answer all of the questions as they appear on your screen. You can be completely honest, as your comments won’t affect your chances of winning one of the gift cards in the monthly sweepstakes. You will most likely have to rate or leave notes regarding certain services or the items you bought during your last visit.
  • When you reach the final steps, you will have to enter several pieces of personal information so you can be contacted if you are one of the winners. Make sure that you don’t throw away your receipt so your gift card will be valid.

If you need any other information about Goodys, please visit For general details about Palais Royal, Peebles, Bealls and other Stage department stores, go to their official website at

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