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Welcome to the FairWinds Survey Completion Guide. You will find out everything you need to know about the FairWinds customer satisfaction survey. You will find out the requirements and survey questions. Each step will be thoroughly explained. There are useful links that you may need during this process which will be listed below.

Please follow the step by step instructions if you need help completing the survey. logo Survey – Participation Requirements

To complete this survey there are some requirements before you start.

  • Be a current member of FairWinds Credit Union;
  • Reside in the United States of America;
  • You must be 18 years old of age or older when you complete this survey;
  • Employees cannot participate in this survey.

FairWinds Survey Prizes & Benefits

By completing this survey, you will enter a drawing to possibly win a pair of Orlando Magic basketball tickets! Survey Completion Steps

1. Visit the FairWinds Customer Satisfaction Survey.
2. Rate how likely you are to recommend a friend, family or co-worker to FairWinds Credit Union.
3. Answer the question that is asked in the indicated field.
4. Answer the question about how long you have been a member of FairWinds Credit Union for.
5. Answer the question about if you consider FairWinds Credit Union your primary financial provider.
6. Insert your name, phone number and e-mail in the indicated fields.
7. If you have any comments that you would like to share about FairWinds Credit Union, be sure to include that in the “additional comments” field.
8. Click the orange “Submit” button to send your survey to FairWinds Credit Union for processing.

Useful Information for FairWinds Credit Union Survey

While completing this survey please be sure to provide honest opinions.

If you encounter any issues that come up while trying to complete this survey please contact FairWinds Credit Union during business hours. You can find their hours located on their website. Once you are on the website just click the “help” button at the top of our webpage to contact a customer service representative.

If you have any questions or concerns there are several ways to contact FairWinds. Please visit the links below to be redirected to the FairWinds support center.

the Official FairWinds Credit Union website:
FairWinds Credit Union Support Center:

FairWinds Credit Union Phone Numbers:
Toll-free Phone: 800.443.6887
Local Phone: 407.277.5045

FairWinds Credit Union Fax Number: 407.658.7937

FairWinds Credit Union Mailing Address:
3087 N. Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32826

You can also connect with FairWinds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
We hope that this step by step instruction guide helped you complete this survey!

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